November 2022 - Thera Community Champion

Frank Hawkins

Frank has worked at AIDS Delaware for over 20 years!! He brings a smile in every single day and is such an inspiration to many. He does Community Engagement and Education and every year he creatively approaches things with a fresh lens and the dedication to meet the needs of the youth in the local schools and people living with HIV, and his work has a tremendous and positive impact on our community and our (small, connected) state. Frank has created new programs to promote HIV prevention programming and education and takes the approach required to get connected to the audience who most need to hear the messaging. One example is his annual even called DoTheRightThing4Life, which is a celebratory dinner for the staff at the barber shops and beauty salons, largely serving the Black and Afr...

Past Community Champions:

Mycah Arellano , at MycahOnMic

Thera Community Champion
September 2022