What is a community champion?

A community champion is a non-medical personnel who works or volunteers in the HIV community and who stands out in their work. A community champion must be nominated by a coworker and may win by receiving the most votes! See the FAQ page for eligibility criteria. Click the buttons below, or scroll down this page to nominate someone, and scroll further down, to vote!

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Luis Alberto Mares
Luis is the Director of Community Mobilization at the Latino Commission on AIDS, working in the planning, developing, and implementing of the National Latinx AIDS Awareness Day and the National Hispanic Hepatitis Awareness Day, with which the Commission coordinates efforts nationwide with partner...
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Edward Barron
While struggling with substance use disorder, Ed tested Positive for HIV in 1986. With the lack of support, and witnessing the horrors of the early days of the AIDS pandemic in 1990 Ed reverted back to old behaviors. After returning to care and treatment for HIV in 2008, Ed was diagnosed with s...
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Marissa Gonzalez
Marissa Gonzalez was born and raised in Paterson New Jersey and moved to Southwest Florida in 2004 where she currently resides. She is the youngest and only girl of 4, is of Puerto Rican descent and is the proud mother of a 8 year old fur baby named Zoey, a Chihuahua/Corgi mix. Marissa was the ...
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Josh Mica
Josh has a passion for service. As the proprietor of the Houston-based pet care company, Paws with Benefits and the visionary behind Paws with Helping Hands (an organization that caters to the needs of animals whose owners require immediate medical attention), he has established himself as a lead...
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Billy Fields
Billy Fields is a positively joyful HIV and disabilities advocate who shines light as he brings light to the struggles people face. His advocacy is persistently infectious - you cannot help but want to help! Billy take his commitments very seriously, constantly deepening his research and understa...
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Yasmyne Hunter
she works hard to be open to others with building awareness around visibility and helping others to receive proper care and resources. With compassion and understanding she helps others to be empowered to keep going and to push each and every day. Going above and beyond the call of duty to help o...
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Daniel D. Driffin
Daniel is an outstanding advocate and a leading voice in the movement for health equity. His passion inspires those around him, and his caring towards people sets a standard for how everyone should be treated. Daniel D. Driffin is the definition of a Community Champion.