What is a community champion?

A community champion is a non-medical personnel who works or volunteers in the HIV community and who stands out in their work. A community champion must be nominated by a coworker and may win by receiving the most votes! See the FAQ page for eligibility criteria. Click the buttons below, or scroll down this page to nominate someone, and scroll further down, to vote!

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How to Nominate Your Colleague

Nominate next month’s community champion by filling out the following form. Please click 'Process' below or consult the FAQ page for more information on the process.

  • First, scroll down to the bottom of this page to verify that the person you wish to nominate is not already listed as a nominee. Then, visit the FAQ to verify their eligibility to the contest.
  • You must enter your (the nominator) and your colleague's (the nominee) contact information into the form. You will receive an automated email from us to validate your identity and confirm you are not a robot!
  • The colleague you have nominated (the nominee) will then receive an automated email to confirm they consent to their nomination.
  • Once approved, your nominee will now be visible on our site and can start collecting votes.
  • You may vote up to once per nomination cycle. Make sure to share the voting link on your social media so your nominee can win!
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At Theratechnologies Inc., we value the trust you have in us when you share personal information and we are committed to protecting the confidentiality and security of your personal information. Before completing this form, we invite you to review our comprehensive Privacy Policy for more information. 

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