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May 2024

HIV + Mental Health: The Tale of Two Disorders and the Intersectional Association with Stigma

Discover the crucial link between mental health disorders and HIV acquisition in our upcoming webinar, exploring how these interconnected issues amplify health disparities in marginalized communities, especially Black and Brown individuals. Gai...

April 2024

HIV and Youth - Can we End the HIV Epidemic for our next Generation?

This webinar will give participants a thorough understanding of HIV statistics among young people in the United States. During this session, we will explore the variations in knowledge and awareness of the disease across different generations, ...

March 2024

Let’s Get to the Bottom of Anal HPV and Anal Cancer

In this informative webinar, we will describe the epidemiology of anal cancer in people with HIV; discuss anal HPV and HPV vaccination for people with HIV; and discuss expert recommendations for anal cancer screening for people with HIV.

February 2024

Never Can Say Goodbye: Open Discussion on Premature Deaths to Complications of HIV in Black Communities

An open discussion led by the Thera Community Team and National HIV Consultant and Advocate, Leisha McKinley-Beach on the heartache of losing loved ones to complications of HIV in Black communities.

November 2023

COVID-19, Influenza, and Monkeypox: An Update on What You Need to Know

Dr. Bonnie Thomas, Medical Director at Howard Brown Health, provides us with a timely update about COVID-19, Influenza, and Monkeypox.

October 2023

Equality, Equity, Intersectionality, Implicit Bias, and Health

Join us for an engaging webinar where we'll explore critical aspects of healthcare and social equity. Our objectives are to illuminate the presence of inequity, inequality, and oppression within healthcare systems, dissect the distinctions betw...

September 2023

Risky Business: Molecular Surveillance in the age of HIV criminalization

Although most people commonly believe that the medical data collected by their doctors is 100% private, that could not be further from the truth. All kinds of caveats and exceptions to medical privacy exist, including when data is requested by ...

August 2023

The Queens of the South: Resilience in a World Impacted by HIV

Transgender women of color in the South face barriers to HIV services, including stigma, discrimination, inadequate employment, housing, healthcare access, and restrictive policies. Overcoming these challenges is crucial to improving the qualit...

July 2023

Embracing Transcendence: Navigating Transgender Identities and Rediscovering Our Own

Join us as we embark through an empowering and transformative training designed to deepen our understanding of transgender identities and foster a healthier relationship with our own individual and unique genders. Drawing upon the latest resear...

June 2023

In This Together: Exploring Collaborative Leadership and Coalition Building in Ending the HIV Epidemic

Join us for an impactful webinar as we delve into the transformative power of collaboration and coalition building in the fight against HIV. In this session, we will examine the potential of an egalitarian style of leadership in your work, defi...

May 2023

Trauma-Informed Care: Understanding the effects of trauma on preventing, testing, and treating HIV

This interactive webinar will define trauma and explore trauma-informed care approaches. It will also help the participant to recognize signs of trauma and the effects of trauma on preventing, testing, and treating HIV. It has been demonstrated...

April 2023

HIV, Young Adults, & Homelessness

This presentation will discuss the disparities between HIV & Homelessness; treatment and suppression challenges in this population; and how to reach Millennials & Gen Z

March 2023

The Pleasure Principal: Black Women's Sexual Pleasure, Sex, & HIV Prevention & Treatment

This highly interactive workshop explores the historical context of Black women, their sexual image, sexuality, and how it impacts HIV prevention. This workshop will explore the sexual pleasure of Black women and how it can be integrated into t...

February 2023

HIV Beyond Bars: The Impact of Criminalization on Quality of Life

Presenters Kamaria Laffrey and Lashanda Salinas will outline for participants what HIV criminalization looks like beyond the courtroom, how a person living with HIV is faced with a lifetime of ramifications from the criminal justice system whic...

January 2023

Sex Workers Deserve Great Care

This presentation discusses realities of Sex Workers, differences between trafficking and consensual engagement and harm reduction in the profession.

November 2022

Vaccinations and How They Can Help Us End HIV

During this presentation, we will examine vaccination rollouts of Hepatitis A, Meningococcal disease, and Monkeypox this year across the U.S. We will discuss what key insights we have learned, and what public health strategies from these rollou...

October 2022

Promoting Health Equity in Clinical Trials: Why Diversity Matters!

Based on an article by the National Medical Association, Black people are disproportionally disadvantage in every major category of mortality. Similarly, Black people are not well represented in Clinical Trial access and participation. There ar...

September 2022

Is Monkeypox the New COVID-19? A Health Equity Look

The monkeypox virus is a member of the orthopoxviral family, albeit less virulent and infectious as its sibling the smallpox virus. The current 2022 outbreak has become a public health emergency, currently infecting over 9,600 people in the U.S...

August 2022

Know Who I Am! Gender Dysphoria and HIV

This presentation will provide an understanding of how gender dysphoria within young transwomen of color and gender non-conforming people can create a context of risk (mental health, substance use, and HIV). It will also discuss HIV prevention ...

July 2022

Say it Loud! How To Effectively Fight for Change

This presentation covers basic terminology such as how a bill becomes a law, how to use you voice effectively, federal legislative updates, and the most popular methods for affecting change. This introductory session provides a foundation for f...

June 2022

Destigmatizing HIV - From Risk to Responsibility

Understanding HIV Stigma means starting at the root and uncovering the misconceptions, biases, and language that keeps society full of trauma and triggers around HIV. Further, as people who participate in this work, it is essential for us to ha...

May 2022

A Call to Action for Social Workers in HIV and Aging

We discuss actions we can take NOW to end HIV.  We will also discuss the work currently being done at the national and local levels. Members of the Professional Association of Social Workers in HIV & AIDS (PASWHA) and Community members...

April 2022

Trans 101 Escaping the Binary

An estimated 2.4 million elders identify as LGBTQ in the United States, with another generation aging into elderhood expecting that number to double. Unfortunately, there is no data available regarding the number of Canadians aged 65 and older ...

March 2022

Black Women and HIV Research

Black Women and HIV Research: Join our esteemed panel of Black women researchers and study participants as we explore the state of Black Women in HIV Research today, discuss strategies for increased representation of Black women in key roles in...

February 2022

HIV in Black America Faith, Family, & the Future

"HIV in Black America: Faith, Family, and the Future of HIV” will explore the intersections of faith (or religion) and family in relation to developing sustainable support systems for Black people living with HIV. This webinar will also e...

January 2022

Transportation Equity And Its Connections to HIV

Transportation Equity or the ability to move across your community has become ever important. Transportation equity must be incorporated into our everyday conversations, whether it is to your HIV provider, affordable grocery store, or safe-gree...

December 2021

The Silvering of the Epidemic: Care and Wellness for Mature PLWH.

51% of PLWH in the U.S. are over age 50 and this trend is accelerating. Join a practical, clinical conversation about special considerations for treating and caring compassionately for older PLWH now and for years to come

November 2021

Rethinking Prevention - Prioritizing People Living With HIV

When one thinks about prevention, it's most likely that one thinks about sexual transmission. However, prevention is about much more than just transmission. In this THERAThursdays community conversation, we wil...

October 2021

The Health Benefits of Companion Animals

The human bond with service and support animals has been shown to offer positive mental health and wellness benefits to People Living With HIV and other conditions. Join our conversation on the powerful healing, therapeutic effects of loving pe...

September 2021

Including Us in your Ending the HIV Epidemic Plans

Continuity of HIV Care for Latinx Communities

August 2021

Leading with Liberation Centering Equity in Ending the HIV Epidemic in the US

A dynamic conversation led by Justin Smith, Director of the Campaign to End AIDS, Positive Impact Health Centers.

July 2021

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and Anal Cancer in HIV and the National ANCHOR Study

Human papillomavirus (HPV) is extremely common and can lead to anal cancer that is on the rise among people living with HIV. Learn more about screening, treatment and a historic, current, nationalwide research study focused on HIV+ people.

June 2021

What's Going On!

A Conversation about Inequities impact on Ending the HIV Epidemic and What You Can Do About It.

May 2021

Ending the HIV Epidemic and The Social Work Response

Social Work is key to reducing new HIV infections and ensuring health equity. Through its multifaceted interventions, research, and advocacy, Social Work as a profession is well poised to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the United States. Social W...

April 2021

STIs Among People with HIV

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in the U.S. have increased in recent years. Did you know that it can be harder to treat STIs if you have HIV, ...

March 2021

We Are Family

We Are Family, I Got All My Sisters and Me_ Stories From Women on the Frontlines of the HIV Movement

February 2021

COVID-19 Reloaded: An Update on COVID-19 and the Vaccine

Dr Thomas is back with important information on COVID-19 and vaccines

January 2021

Beyond Surviving - THRIVING! Why support is essential

Listen in as Larry Scott-Walker from ThriveSS talks about the importance of support!

December 2020

Leading with Resiliency

Gabe Maldonado gives us Tools for Combating Stigma in the Healthcare System & Promoting Resiliency in Vulnerable Communities

November 2020

Living Through a Pandemic: What Do I Do Next

Mental Health check-in with Shadawn McCants 

October 2020

COVID-19, Influenza and HIV: What you need to know!

Dr Bonnie Thomas talks us thru the intersection of HIV, COVID-19 and influenza!

September 2020

Identifying vulnerable populations within the People with HIV- Introducing Viremia=Vulnerability

This webinar introduces a novel yet true concept, V=V, (Viremia=Vulnerability) Together we explore how uncontrolled viral load (Viremia) leads to vulnerabilities physically, socially and emotionally. We will explore the varied context, constrai...