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September 2021

Including Us in your Ending the HIV Epidemic Plans

Continuity of HIV Care for Latinx Communities

August 2021

Leading with Liberation Centering Equity in Ending the HIV Epidemic in the US

A dynamic conversation led by Justin Smith, Director of the Campaign to End AIDS, Positive Impact Health Centers.

July 2021

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and Anal Cancer in HIV and the National ANCHOR Study

Human papillomavirus (HPV) is extremely common and can lead to anal cancer that is on the rise among people living with HIV. Learn more about screening, treatment and a historic, current, nationalwide research study focused on HIV+ people.

June 2021

What's Going On!

A Conversation about Inequities impact on Ending the HIV Epidemic and What You Can Do About It.

May 2021

Ending the HIV Epidemic and The Social Work Response

Social Work is key to reducing new HIV infections and ensuring health equity. Through its multifaceted interventions, research, and advocacy, Social Work as a profession is well poised to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the United States. Social W...

April 2021

STIs Among People with HIV

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in the U.S. have increased in recent years. Did you know that it can be harder to treat STIs if you have HIV, ...

March 2021

We Are Family

We Are Family, I Got All My Sisters and Me_ Stories From Women on the Frontlines of the HIV Movement

February 2021

COVID-19 Reloaded: An Update on COVID-19 and the Vaccine

Dr Thomas is back with important information on COVID-19 and vaccines

January 2021

Beyond Surviving - THRIVING! Why support is essential

Listen in as Larry Scott-Walker from ThriveSS talks about the importance of support!

December 2020

Leading with Resiliency

Gabe Maldonado gives us Tools for Combating Stigma in the Healthcare System & Promoting Resiliency in Vulnerable Communities

November 2020

Living Through a Pandemic: What Do I Do Next

Mental Health check-in with Shadawn McCants 

October 2020

COVID-19, Influenza and HIV: What you need to know!

Dr Bonnie Thomas talks us thru the intersection of HIV, COVID-19 and influenza!

September 2020

Identifying vulnerable populations within the People with HIV- Introducing Viremia=Vulnerability

This webinar introduces a novel yet true concept, V=V, (Viremia=Vulnerability) Together we explore how uncontrolled viral load (Viremia) leads to vulnerabilities physically, socially and emotionally. We will explore the varied context, constrai...