Deric Batt
Deric Batt has worked in the field of HIV for over half a decade. Deric has invested time, effort, heart, and knowledge in the well-being of his clients living with HIV and those at greatest risk of contracting HIV or Hepatitis C. Deric currently works with Aspire Indiana Health and has served as the Supportive Care Specialist for many years. Currently, Deric is working with the Harm Reduction program where he works directly with individuals in the community and with our local SSP. He truly enjoys meeting with people to educate them about HIV, HCV, and harm reduction. As part of our HIV Prevention Team, Deric provides HIV/HCV testing and you’ll frequently find him first in line to volunteer for testing events, outreach activities, or community clean up events (where he’s sure to engage in conversation about our program with anyone he encounters!). Deric’s wheelhouse, simply put, is Harm Reduction. He lives and breathes the theory of harm reduction. Deric is known for his witty personality, but also his ability to find resources that work best for his clients. Deric embodies the idea of meeting clients where they are. Deric is also willing to listen to the whole story, work with the whole person, and look at the whole situation. If Deric doesn’t know the answer, he will surely find it, and if you’re lucky enough, he might make a teaching video to share with the entire team, too.

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