I have 22 years of experience in HIV / AIDS, I am certified by the American Red Cross and the Community Health Worker, I have received 4 awards as a community leader from LATINOS EN ACCION which is an advisory group under the Broward County Health Department At the moment I am the Prevention Managar of High Impacto, which is an organization that provides education on the prevention of HIV AIDS and comprehensive support services to Latinxs and other minority communities affected by this condition. In working with HIV / AIDS support groups for Hispanics, for many years I outreached throughout Broward County bringing education to all minorities especially Hispanics. My vision is that individuals and communities receive HIV / SDA education and are fully empowered to deal with this preventable condition without stigma, fear or discrimination. My passion for working in the community began with the diagnosis of my son with autism 26 years ago when we arrived in this beautiful country with many opportunities, thanks to this country, today my son can communicate and lead a better life, thanks to All the medical help that he received here in the USA, he was my inspiration for me to continue helping other people, no matter the condition, age, gender or color.

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