Shantell Waldo
Shantell Waldo has worked in the field of HIV for over 20 years. She currently works at Kern County Public Health Services Department as a Project Specialist, where she links folks who've tested positive for HIV, Hepatitis C, and/or Syphilis into treatment & care. Before working for the health department, she provided outreach and testing services to folks in the community for close to two decades. Shantell’s shame-free, judgment-free, client centered approach allows folks who would normally be ignored or looked over to be heard. Her empathetic nature and caring presence allows people to open up to Shantell, so she can better serve them and their medical needs. She goes above and beyond to eliminate barriers to care for clients, which includes literally climbing fences to reach the folks that aren't accessible by a phone call. Shantell is not afraid to handle the subject matter others don’t want to talk about, and refuses to judge or shame clients. She understands that by serving clients with a level of compassion, we are able to not only meet healthcare needs, but improve lives. A bonus for us is that she's not only good-hearted toward the clients she serves, but an incredibly amiable colleague, supervisor, and friend. She's the best!

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