Alex Cordova
Alex Cordova is currently the director of Lila LGBTQ Inc., integrating art such as painting, dance, and theater as a path to healing the social aggression suffered by the LGBTQ community in addition to the traditional programs of prevention of sexually transmitted diseases. Alex is from El Salvador and arrived in San Francisco, California in 1989. Alex has been an activist for the LGBTQ community for many years as a worker and founder of groups such as Hermanos de Luna y Sol, Padres Gay, Teatro LGBTQ, Santi Project, and Sida Por Vida. He has worked many years in public health for HIV and AIDS prevention and throughout all phases of the Pandemic. After moving to Durham, North Carolina in 2006, Alex created the LGBTQ program Bolero Pequeño Teatro Latino, which is a theater that runs plays with LGBTQ themes and their experiences as immigrants.

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