David Ponsart, Supervisor, Infectious Disease Programs at ACCESS Community Health and Research Center

December 2020 - Thera Community Champion

David is a go getter. He is someone that everyone in our State looks up to. David is someone that has been around the HIV field in our stat for some time. David works a lot with the Arab community, and continues to make sure they have a voice and are not for gotten about. David works for a local agency here in Michigan, but he is also on the Michigan HIV AIDS Council. David is a Co-lead fir their Community Engagement Committee. David has done many things here in Michigan around HIV, and David has committed his life to helping others. He is also very inivative when it comes to the programs he manages. He understands that there is not a lot of money in the Prevention side of HIV, but he knows how to rub two nickels together to get done what he needs to. David is also someone who helped build a lasting relationship with his local health department to make sure things were getting done and people are getting the services they deserve. I am proud to call him a colleague, but fortunate to call him a leader in the HIV Community here in Michigan.