Matthew White, HIV Testing and Outreach Specialist at Near North Health

October 2022 - Thera Community Champion

I would like to nominate my colleague Mathew White for THERA Community Champion to acknowledge all of his continuous hard work that he does within the community. He’s living in his own truth and has demonstrated his commitment to ensuring the safety net that he may not have gotten for all communities. Mathew is a pillar within his community advocating for individuals who are underserved especially within the LGBTQ+ community. He’s taken on various roles that have exhibited his passion and commitment to individuals within underserved communities to ensure that everyone has equal opportunities to services. Matthew has been the team lead on several special projects serving the HIV community. He’s held positions such as PrEP Care Manager & Lead Outreach Specialist, Senior Becoming A Man Counselor, Teen Pregnancy Prevention Facilitator, and other community engaged roles. He attends various outreach events to provide risk reduction, education, and support, making sure that individuals have the tools that they need to make informed decisions. He was just recently featured on NBC 5 news for spearheading a Monkey Pox vaccination event to provide vaccinations to individuals within underserved communities on the south side of Chicago. He played a major role in organizing a resource fair at the King Center in an effort to provide services to individuals within the community. Matthew has garnered nothing but respect from his supervisors and peers. I truly believe that my nomination for Matthew White is beyond recognition.