Jorge Odir Miranda , at Impacto LGBT

October 2021 - Thera Community Champion

Jorge Odir Miranda called "Odir" by everyone, is an advocate who has for over 25 years fought for the rights of people living with HIV in El Salvador, where he was born . He was the first person to openly disclose his HIV status and because of the many years fighting for others like him, El Salvador was eventually able to provide HIV medication to PLWHA. He moved to the US three years ago and since the. He has been working very hard to start the first of its kind in northern Virginia-- a safe heaven, a space where gay Latino men living with HIV can be themselves. Odir does this for Impacto LGBT and he does it for free. He himself makes dinner for the participants twice a month and he facilities the meetings as well. Currently, Impacto LGBT does not get any type of funding but Odir makes food on the side to sell and make money to buy groceries and cook for the participants about 20 member. Odir also developed and facilitates an annual three day retreat for these men to help them develop skills to help them grow personally and professionally-- the second retreat is taking place this year Oct 9-11. This year participants will also receive $100 incentive to.participate in the retreat. Odir is a caring and empathetic men who uses his calling ans life experience to help others newly diagnosed and those who simply want to have somewhere where they can freely be themselves. For this and many other reasons I nominate this amazing human being.