J. Donté Prayer, at NC AIDS Action Network

June 2021 - Thera Community Champion

When I think of the word “community “ , Mr. Prayer instantly comes to mind. He is actively engaged in multiple initiatives/capacities to ensure the wellbeing, quality of life and holistic health for his community especially the communities of his intersections. He serves on several healthcare and HIV boards and planning bodies/councils such as the Mecklenburg County NC Ending the Epidemic, Getting to Zero and the Ryan White planning bodies, to name a few. He also holds leadership capacities in most entities. Due to his hard work and dedication, he was selected to be in leadership development cohorts with the Black AIDS Institute, AIDS United, The Latino Commission on AIDS and the Human Rights Campaign. I have the pleasure of working with Mr.Prayer through the Black AIDS Institute’s Black Treatment Advocates Network (BTAN) where he serves as a Charlotte chapter leader and a national leader, mobilizing our efforts with historically black colleges and universities. Mr. Prayer does not only vocalize his love and passion for his community and health equity, he exhibits/proves it through his actions, cultural competency and overall humanity. He is undoubtedly a Community Champion.